Understanding the AC Installation Process

Some homeowners have an air conditioning system installed in their house before purchasing. Now, these same homeowners may need an upgrade. The AC installation process shouldn’t be daunting or confusing. With a skilled technician handling the job, everything should move forward without trouble.

Basics Steps – Protections and Removals

The HVAC technician will likely put down mats and other protective covers on the floor and, possibly, near furniture. This way, nothing gets unnecessarily dirty.

The next step commonly involves dismantling the old air conditioner. All of the old equipment has to go, and that could include components outside your house. After disassembling the original air conditioner, the HVAC team can remove it from your property. Eventually, the old unit will likely find its way to a recycling facility.

At Real HVAC Services, our technicians handle air conditioning installation work. Residents living in the Salisbury, MD, region can request repair and maintenance work as well.

In Comes the New Air Conditioner

The time now comes to bring in the new, upgraded air conditioning system. During this process, various parts and lines get connected to the new AC unit. Connecting electrical wiring also becomes necessary. The HVAC technician may perform these steps, or a qualified electrician will handle the task.

Be mindful that there may be ductwork performed before installing the new air conditioner. The current duct could require changes to accommodate the new cooling system, too.

Connecting the Thermostat

A new thermostat accompanies the installation of a new air conditioner. The thermostat could be a smart one, as these modern options prove popular. Homeowners can also ask the technicians to demonstrate step-by-step instructions on how to program the thermostat.

Request a Safety Inspection

Consider it advisable to request the technician to perform an additional safety inspection. This way, chances improve that any potential hazard will be detected.

Call Real HVAC Services today if you wish to upgrade your AC or heating system. Our award-winning company in Salisbury also performs indoor air quality and plumbing work.

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