The Wonderful Invention of Air Conditioning!

Carrier AC SystemImagine having to endure a sweltering Maryland or Delaware summer without air conditioning. Sounds pretty frightening, right? Well, you can thank a man named Dr. John Gorrie for the cool air you feel when you enter an air-conditioned environment these days. Dr. John Gorrie of Florida was the first to propose a cool city. Gorrie lamented the “evils of high temperatures” and proposed that medical patients and laypeople would be much more comfortable if there was only a way to cool them off.

Dr. Gorrie’s Horse-Powered Cooling System

In the 1840s, Gorrie started experimenting with methods of cooling. His first invention in 1851 involved creating ice through the power of either the wind, a horse, water, or steam. Although we no longer use horses and steam to power our air conditioners, this invention was seminal in what would later become our modern-day air conditioners.

A More Modern Method of Cooling

It wasn’t until many years after Gorrie’s invention, in 1902, that a man named Willis Carrier took up with the idea of cooling indoor spaces once again. Carrier (a name that is today synonymous of high-end cooling systems) designed what he called an “Apparatus for Treating Air.”

This system was highly successful and laid the groundwork for our modern-day air conditioners. In it, humidity was controlled by way of cooling coils. And as Carrier continued to work, he also developed a control system for the cooling system so that one could regulate the temperature they desired.

Public buildings such as the Missouri State Building in St. Louis (1904) and other popular locations like the Rivoli Theater in New York and the Metropolitan Theater in Los Angeles (1922) were the first to be cooled by Carrier’s system.

How Is Your Air Conditioner Running?

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