Why Should I Have My Water Heater Flushed Yearly?

January 12, 2020

As with anything else that you own, your home’s water heater needs regular maintenance to help it perform at its best. One way to maintain this component is to have the water flushed on at least an annual basis. Get Rid of Sediment Inside of the Tank Over time, sediment and other material can build up inside of the water tank. If too much material is allowed to linger in the heater’s tank, it could cause a number of problems. These problems could include less hot water available to cook or clean with or water that doesn’t get as hot as it should. The sediment in the tank could also clog drain valves or damage other parts of the water heater. Removing Sediment Can Quiet Your Water Heater Water heaters that are working properly will be able to create and transport hot water throughout your home without making a lot of noise. However, when sediment is allowed to remain in the tank, it could be jostled around every time it tries to run. If you hear a lot of noise whenever you try to take a shower or wash dishes, call the folks at in Georgetown. They will be able...

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