Understanding Your Leaky Toilet

February 12, 2019

Leaky toilets are among the most common problems that require a plumber’s intervention. Although it can be tempting to let a leaky toilet drip when it doesn’t cause a serious and visible problem, this can actually lead to increases in utility bills and make your bathroom floor more dangerous. Some of the most frequent causes of leaky toilets are outlined below. Malfunctioning Flappers When you push down the flush handle on your toilet, you’ll notice that you can feel a slight amount of resistance before the toilet flushes properly. This resistance is caused by the flapper, a piece of plastic or metal that prevents water from flowing into the toilet bowl. These flappers can malfunction in a variety of ways, most of which will require a plumber to fix. The most common way a flapper malfunction is when it sticks. You can easily identify this malfunction by a toilet handle that sticks into a depressed position after being pushed. This will be accompanied by a steady stream of water into the bowl. Although you can sometimes fix this issue by just jiggling the switch, a flapper that sticks regularly will need replacing. If your flapper breaks, your toilet may become...

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