Furnaces – New vs. Old

January 29, 2019

The most important appliance that you can have in your home today is your furnace. While furnaces have been around for decades, they continue to be modified and improved with time. There are a variety of benefits that come with new furnaces today that were not included with older furnaces. More Efficient One of the main advantages of newer furnaces today is that they are far more efficient than furnaces were in the past. In past decades, the average AFUE rating, which is an indication of furnace efficiency, was around 70 percent. Today, that figure has increased to more than 95 percent with some newer furnaces. This drastically cuts down on waste and could lead to lower energy bills. Furnaces have become more efficient through a wide variety of upgrades. First, they are now made with materials that allow them to be more efficient. This includes having electronic ignition systems, utilizing more efficient pilot lights, and having an improved heat exchanger that better traps heat, which can then be moved around the home. Quieter A furnace built in recent years is also much quieter than one that was produced in the past. A modern furnace has sealed combustion chambers, which...

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