Cooling Older Homes in Salisbury

August 20, 2019

At , we understand that many older homes near the Atlantic Coast aren’t equipped for a central air conditioning system. Even without the ductwork for this common cooling system, there are ways that you can keep your house comfortable. Use Whole-House Fans Keeping air circulating is important for avoiding hot rooms in your home. Since hot air tends to rise and get stuck, it needs to be forced downwards. Ceiling and attic fans are a great option for improving the air circulation throughout your house. Install a Mini-Split System Mini-split air conditioners are an energy-efficient way to keep a residence cool. These systems allow you to set up different temperature zones in your home. They don’t require a central duct system, so they’re ideal for older houses. Use a Wall or Window AC Unit Smaller AC units can keep specific rooms in your home comfortable and cool. Window- and wall-mounted units can be unobtrusive and an effective way to keep the important areas of your house at the right temperature. Keep the Sun Out of Your Home Taking steps to keep the sun from heating your home can be an energy-efficient way to stay cool. Adding awnings to your windows...

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