How to Winterize House Plumbing

Frozen Pipes

Winterizing the plumbing system can protect your home’s pipes from severe damage during the winter. Freezing temperatures can cause breaks and leaks in your plumbing. When water freezes, it expands to become ice. This expansion causes excess internal pressure in water pipes, so taking precautions is important. Here is how you can winterize your plumbing to avoid leaking and bursting pipes.

Upgrade to Frost-Free Hose Bibs

Installing a frost-free hose bib is a smart long-term investment you can make to winterize your plumbing. Frozen hose bibs can be dangerous and costly to fix after they burst. Consider calling a licensed plumber to upgrade your hose bib and save money in the long run. If you’re in the vicinity of Salisbury and you’d like to discuss this possibility, consult with the expert plumbers from Real HVAC Services.

Seal Air Leaks

Even the smallest holes in your home can allow cold air to freeze pipes. Therefore, check for any leaks around your exterior wall sockets, plumbing, doors, electrical wiring, and windows. Ensure that you seal them.

Insulate Pipes

Another effective way to winterize your plumbing is to buy foam insulation sleeves and slip them over the pipes. You can place the insulation sleeves on all spans of water supply lines leading into your home from the crawl space, basement, or garage. In addition, insulating pipes that run through uninsulated areas in your home and along exterior walls can prevent the exterior cold from freezing the water they carry.

Close Foundation Vents

It’s wise to close any vents leading to your home’s foundation. Doing so will keep warm air inside the basement and prevent water lines from freezing. Most homes have installed louvers that slide closed. However, if your home doesn’t have those, consider investing in a cover for the vent.

Contact our qualified professionals in Salisbury to winterize your home and prevent your pipes from freezing. In fact, our skilled plumbers can handle any aspect of your plumbing or sewage system. That includes the water heater. We also have technicians who perform a complete range of heating and cooling equipment installation, repair, and maintenance. Trust us with your indoor air quality and duct cleaning as well. For any of these options, call our team at Real HVAC Services today to schedule an appointment.

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