How to Change a Thermostat Battery

A digital thermostat provided by Real HVAC Services can help you gain more precise control over the operation of your Salisbury HVAC system. In order to provide this precise control, a digital thermostat uses a battery to display numbers and letters on the screen and to store your settings.

As with other battery-operated devices, the thermostat will eventually exhaust the battery, necessitating replacement. When this time comes for your system, Real HVAC Services in Salisbury has provided this simple guide on how to replace the battery in your thermostat.

Does Your Thermostat Have a Battery?

It’s important to note that not all types of thermostats use batteries. For example, mechanical thermostats do not need batteries to turn your HVAC system off and on because they rely entirely on certain components expanding or contracting to interrupt or restore the electrical circuit.

Smart thermostats don’t use batteries either because their displays require more power than a battery can provide. If your thermostat is a basic programmable thermostat, though, and your HVAC system isn’t working properly, a good place to check for problems is the thermostat battery.

How to Replace the Battery

The procedure to replace the battery in your thermostat will vary based on what type of thermostat you have. The biggest difference between thermostats installed by Real HVAC Services in Salisbury is where the battery is located. For some thermostats, you have to remove the entire thermostat housing from the mounting plate. Others have a designated battery compartment that you can remove without taking off the rest of the housing.

Once you’ve located the battery, carefully remove it from your thermostat. Then, replace it with a fresh alkaline battery. High-discharge batteries aren’t required as most thermostats draw very little power. Once the new battery is in place, simply replace the battery compartment and wait for your thermostat to turn back on. In some cases, you may have to re-enter your settings, though most thermostats will remember these settings even with no battery.

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