Why Get a Video Camera Inspection for Your Sewer?

Showers, sinks, toilets — these household fixtures can become clogged from time to time. Using a plunger is often a homeowner’s first attempt to find a solution. Thankfully, this works for small clogs. Other times, a homeowner might use a liquid drainage solution. This is also effective, to a point. What happens when a plunger or a liquid drainage solution is ineffective? The problem might not be as local as first believed.

Drainage Issues

If there is a drainage issue, the problem might be farther down the pipe. Sewer lines, often times, run underneath the home. The trick is to find out where the issue is. To assist in diagnosing the location of the backup, a video camera inspection should be considered. The video camera will look for the following: buildups, stoppages, a broken pipe, or even roots. Once the backup is located, work can begin to rectify the problem.

Buying a New Home

Another time to get a video camera inspection is when purchasing a new home. The plumbing system might work today but it’s not guaranteed to work tomorrow.

A comprehensive home inspection is often conducted before a buyer closes on a home. While home inspections are common, video camera inspections are usually not part of it. This can be seen as a vulnerability on the part of the home inspection. The roof, air conditioning system, and electrical components are reviewed. However, sewer lines are just as important. When buying a home, consider getting a video camera inspection.


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