Gas vs Electric Furnaces

Gas vs Electric FurnacesNo furnace, no matter how well built, lasts forever. A gas furnace may work well for 20 years and an electric one for 30, but the time comes when the model requires replacing. And this brings up another point: There are significant differences between gas and electric furnaces. Knowing about these differences could make it easier to choose the right one at replacement time.

Little Things Aren’t Little

When looking over gas and electric furnaces, don’t assume any subtle difference is no big deal. A gas furnace tends to be a little on the noisy side. An electric model, however, runs much quieter. While these two differences won’t likely make or break a buyer’s decision, they do drive home the point that differences exist.

A Serious Concern About Safety

Be sure any furnace in your home is well-maintained to enhance safety. An electric furnace, admittedly, comes with fewer safety concerns since it doesn’t emit carbon monoxide nor ignite gas. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have safety inspections performed, whether gas-powered or not. Real HVAC Services provides heating system maintenance and repair work. Our team also installs furnaces if requested. Residents in Salisbury, MD, can look to us for comprehensive services.

Maintenance Issues and More

Regarding maintenance, a gas-powered furnace requires much more service than an electric one. If you don’t want to deal with routine maintenance, you might think about purchasing electric. That said, a gas-powered furnace is far more efficient and works quite well in cold-weather regions. Maintenance issues aside, you might want to opt for an electric furnace if you live in an area where the temperature never gets too cold.

Don’t Overlook Cost

A homeowner only has so much money to spend or borrow, so cost typically factors into the decision about which model to buy. With a gas furnace, expect to pay much more for purchasing and installation. With electric models, however, expect larger monthly bills. Electric furnaces cost a lot more to power.

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