3 Heating Hacks

Heating hacksWill you stay warm this winter? Each year, the winters in Salisbury are increasingly harsh. Don’t let the coziness of a warm home elude you this year. Check out these 3 clever heating hacks to keep the cold out where it belongs.

1. Insulate Your Doors And Windows For The Season

Insulating your doors and windows doesn’t have to be a major renovation project. In fact, you don’t even need to use traditional insulation to warm your home. Save the permanent insulation project for a different time.

For now:

  • Buy insulation foil
  • Purchase some door draft-stoppers
  • Cover your windows with the insulation cellophane, and put a draft-stopper under each door

Soon, you’ll find that your house is less drafty. All the warmth stays trapped inside.

2. Often Use Your Oven

Do you cook a lot? If not yet, this winter is a good time to start. Baking or broiling meals in your oven generate heat. Since a kitchen is the central area of a home, the heat wafting from the oven can easily warm the house. When you’re done baking or cooking, turn off the oven and leave its door slightly ajar. This helps the heat get out into the kitchen.

3. Prep Your Heating System

Is your furnace or heat pump ready for this winter’s toll? Make sure to inspect whether all your heating equipment is in order, clean, and ready to use. If you need to have your heat pump or furnace repaired, hire a local service sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be stuck without working heat during winter’s most critical months.

Keep in mind that a broken furnace can be dangerous as well as ineffective. If you attempt to use a furnace that doesn’t function as it should, you can cause an accidental fire in your home. Always be sure that if anything looks amiss with your heating system, it’s checked out by a professional immediately.

Are You All Set For Winter?

Are you sure that your heating system is up to the task of keeping you warm? Contact the experts at Real HVAC Services today to schedule your next furnace repair, installation, or maintenance service!

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