Who Invented Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioner

The history of air conditioning is a mixture of ingenuity and hard effort. People have been trying to cool off for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that we came up with an efficient way to do it. Who deserves our thanks?

Simon Newcomb

Charles Guiteau shot President Garfield back in 1881. In an effort to save his life, naval engineer Simon Newcomb oversaw the development of an attempt at an air conditioning unit. His work resulted in an engine with a fan that blew over lots of ice. Though President Garfield still died, Newcomb did manage to lower the temperature of the room by roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Willis Carrier

The actual invention of the air conditioning unit is thanks to a man named Willis Carrier. In the year 1902, he discovered that air could literally be conditioned by passing dry air through water in order to create fog. This innovation is the reason you no longer have to worry about the weather being excessively hot. Oddly enough, he came up with this invention while waiting to catch a train. The device he conceived was the foundation for the next innovation, the portable AC unit.

Frederick Jones

This unique invention is credited to a man by the name of Frederick Jones. He invented the portable air conditioning unit to keep soldiers cool while they recovered from injuries or wounds sustained on the battlefield. The unit had to be portable so that the military could quickly leave with it if necessary. Before he came up with this solution, he patented 60 other HVAC-related innovations.

Stuart Cramer

Not long after Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioning unit, an engineer working in a textile plant invented a similar machine. While Carrier is technically the original inventor of the air conditioner, a man named Stuart Cramer actually coined the term “air conditioner.” Understandably, he applied his similar device to his personal circumstances of working in a textile mill. Other plants adopted his invention to create a more comfortable working environment.

Various people ultimately contributed to the development of the air conditioners we count on today. If you’re in the Salisbury area and need a competent AC technician, call us at Real HVAC Services today. We’re your local AC experts. Our team performs cooling, heating, indoor air quality, and plumbing installation, repairs, and maintenance. Just let us know how we can help.

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