What is an AFUE?

Energy ratings Maybe you’re doing some research on replacing your furnace. Maybe your technician wrote down a term that you didn’t quite understand. Maybe your circumstance is completely different. Either way, you may be thinking: What is an AFUE?

AFUE Explained

AFUE, as an acronym, stands for Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency. But what does this mean in layman’s terms? An AFUE is a type of measurement used by technicians to describe how efficient a furnace is in terms of energy created versus fuel used. Here’s an example. A furnace that has an AFUE of 85% is a furnace that creates 85 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of energy for every 100 BTUs of fuel consumed.

In financial terms, it’s better to have a furnace that has a higher efficiency, especially when combined with heat pump technology. The better the efficiency, the greater the chance of savings.

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