What is A Heat Pump?

If you ask a search engine, you’ll probably get some variation of ‘a device that transfers heat from a colder area to a hotter area by using mechanical energy’. This is accurate but doesn’t give the clearest picture of what it does. Here is an explanation of what a heat pump looks like and what it does.

Heat Pumps in Layman’s Terms

The term ‘Heat Pump’ relates to two separate parts of one machine. There is the out-door unit, which is technically the actual heat pump part. Then there is the in-door part. This is called the air handler. Refrigerant is moved between these two parts via a piece called a Compressor.

What makes a heat pump so useful is how it transfers heat instead of trying to generate it. Depending on the weather, it can either move the heat from your home or move it into your home. This way your home is a lot more energy efficient.

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