Understanding Your Thermostat Options

Thermostats help your HVAC system keep your home temperature regulated, letting you reside in comfort year-round. You also save money by not expending too much unnecessary energy. Are you sure you have the right thermostat for your needs? Real HVAC Services in Maryland provides you with a number of different options for your home. Are you looking for a high-tech thermostat model? Or do you prefer something more manual? Here’s an overview of different thermostat categories:

Mechanical Thermostats
These thermostats use metal strips to respond to temperature changes, with the temperature usually stays within five degrees of your selection. The lower price range makes this a good option for the budget-conscious.

Electronic Thermostats
Digital sensors these thermostats to read the temperature of a room and adjust accordingly. Rooms stay within one degree of your settings.

Programmable Thermostats
The biggest benefit you receive from this thermostat type is the ability to program temperature presets for your home. You can schedule what you want the temperature to be at any point during the day.

Many models allow you to allow the thermostat to auto-adjust based on the outside temperature. That keeps you from needlessly wasting energy that ends up costing you money.

Smart Thermostats
Take things a step further by looking at Wi-fi controlled thermostat types capable of being programmed from a mobile device.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats:

  • Allows you to track data on how your equipment is working
  • Lets you program your preferred setting remotely from a different location
  • Can automatically set your desired temperature for different occasions

Call Real HVAC Services today for any questions you have about your thermostat or other HVAC issues in your Maryland home. We provide quality service for all your air conditioning needs!

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