The Wonderful Invention of Air Conditioning!

September 11, 2018

Imagine having to endure a sweltering Maryland or Delaware summer without air conditioning. Sounds pretty frightening, right? Well, you can thank a man named Dr. John Gorrie for the cool air you feel when you enter an air-conditioned environment these days. Dr. John Gorrie of Florida was the first to propose a cool city. Gorrie lamented the “evils of high temperatures” and proposed that medical patients and laypeople would be much more comfortable if there was only a way to cool them off. Dr. Gorrie’s Horse-Powered Cooling System In the 1840s, Gorrie started experimenting with methods of cooling. His first invention in 1851 involved creating ice through the power of either the wind, a horse, water, or steam. Although we no longer use horses and steam to power our air conditioners, this invention was seminal in what would later become our modern-day air conditioners. A More Modern Method of Cooling It wasn’t until many years after Gorrie’s invention, in 1902, that a man named Willis Carrier took up with the idea of cooling indoor spaces once again. Carrier (a name that is today synonymous of high-end cooling systems) designed what he called an “Apparatus for Treating Air.” This system was...

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