Should I Have My Thermostat Set To “Auto” or “On”?

July 15, 2020

In the battle to keep your Salisbury home comfortable, your HVAC system is your greatest ally. You may wonder, then, if there are certain settings on your thermostat that can help keep your interior at the desired temperature. One setting on nearly every thermostat is a choice between “On” and “Auto.” By understanding the differences between these options, you’ll be better able to keep your home comfortable and help conserve energy. Who’s Doing the Work? One easy way to understand the difference between “On” and “Auto” is that these settings allow you to decide who or what is doing the work. If you have your thermostat set to the “On” position, then you will be the one doing the work, as it is entirely up to you when your HVAC system will turn off. If, however, you choose the “Auto” setting, then your thermostat will do the work of turning your HVAC system on and off when it senses a change in the temperature in your home. In other words, the “On” setting keeps the HVAC system running until the setting is changed to “Auto” or “Off,” while “Auto” allows the system to turn off and on according to normal...

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