Should I Put a Cover on My Heat Pump or Air Conditioner During the Fall and Winter?

October 20, 2020

Some people feel they should cover their heat pump or air conditioner during the fall and winter. These are outside units, after all, and subject to weather. But, is it actually a good idea to cover them? Heat Pump Cover Your heat pump is probably used throughout the year to heat and cool your home. You shouldn’t ever put a cover on it as it can be needed at any time. If it gets covered with snow or ice, just brush it off the top of the unit. Don’t try to remove snow or ice from the sides as you may damage the heat pump. Don’t Cover Your Air Conditioner Fall and winter are when you likely aren’t using your air conditioner. There’s no reason to cover it, though. AC units are made to handle rain, snow and other weather. Covering it can cause problems. Mice, squirrels and other animals may decide to nest in your AC unit since it’s covered. Even if you have a cover, moisture will inevitably get inside. The cover will block airflow that removes the moisture. This can result in rust and corrosion. is a locally owned and operated company based in Salisbury, MD. Our...

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