Why Should I Pay Attention to the AFUE Rating?

When you think about heating your home, it’s rare that an AFUE rating crosses your mind. This rating is more important than you think. A lot of energy is required to heat your home, and choosing the correct furnace for your home has a lot more to do with the AFUE rating than the price of the unit. The US Department of Energy set standards to help consumers choose the best furnace for their home based on fuel consumption.

Learning About Your Furnace Rating

AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) is the number that is found on all furnaces. This number tells you how much fuel the unit uses to covert fuel to heat your home. The minimum furnace rating is 80. Whatever the furnace rating, this is the percent of fuel that is used to heat the home. The remaining percent of fuel is used in the process of converting fuel for heat. Older furnaces use the remaining fuel as a standing pilot light.

Why Should I Pay Attention to An AFUE Rating?

AFUE ratings are important for lowering short-term and long-term heating expenses. This rating is especially important if you intend on replacing your heating system. It’s best to replace your current heating system with one that has the highest efficiency rating of 100 percent. Furnaces and boilers that are all-electric and have 95 percent to 100 percent efficiency options, but will cause your electric bill to skyrocket. The increase in electric bills makes heat pump systems more popular than all-electric furnaces and boilers.

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