How to Look for Air Leaks

Air leaks are a common problem in most buildings due to cracks or holes that have formed. Although air leaks are often in older houses, they can also be present in new homes once the building shifts and settles. Here’s how you can look for air leaks to ensure that your home is properly sealed.

Get a Professional Inspection

Hire a professional to perform an inspection to ensure that you have a thorough process and avoid missing any leaks that may be present. They’ll perform a home energy audit with a blower door test, which involves mounting a powerful fan on the frame of an exterior door on the building. The test lowers the pressure in the building to ensure that outside air flows back into the home through cracks or holes. The test will also examine the overall air tightness of the building.

Look for Obvious Issues

Begin by checking your energy bill to determine if there’s been an increase in your charges with the use of your HVAC system. This may be due to air leaks that are present. You can also perform a visual inspection by checking near attic hatches, vents, knee walls, outdoor faucets and sill plates where cracks are most present.

Perform a Smoke Test

Smoke tests are a simple and affordable way to find leaks. You can perform this test on cool days that aren’t windy. Shut the windows, doors and fireplace flute to ensure that air can’t enter the home. Light incense and hold it near areas where air may be leaking into the building. You’ll be able to see the smoke move unsteadily if it has contact with any air. This will allow you to spot specific areas that need to be caulked.

Our team of professionals is qualified to provide you with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs when it comes to finding air leaks on the property. Call Real HVAC Services in Salisbury, MD, for more information on the different types of air conditioners and heating systems that are available.

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