When is a Good Time to Get AC Maintenance?

Regular AC maintenance will keep your air conditioning in top shape so you can get through the summer months staying cool and comfortable. The best time to get AC maintenance is in the fall and spring. If you get your maintenance in the spring, you ensure it will run through the warm months. If you get the maintenance done in the fall, you will rest easy knowing that once you stop running your system in the winter, it will be ready to go again in the summer.

Since you only need maintenance once a year, it’s best to decide when you are going to run your system more. If your system is just for cooling, then the spring is best. If your system is both heating and cooling, do you run it more in the summer or in the winter? Right before you run it the most is the ideal time for maintenance. When the unit gets inspected in the fall it will likely need some more cleaning, since summer can be a lot dustier than winter in many areas. Some people choose to get their system looked at twice a year for these reasons.

Summer is not a good time for AC maintenance. This is usually when HVAC technicians are at their busiest as people who didn’t do proper maintenance on their AC units need repairs. With the proper maintenance, you won’t need to worry about summer breakdowns. Winter is not a good time to schedule maintenance because your unit may not work properly, and running the unit it cold weather could damage the system, which is what maintenance is supposed to avoid.

When it comes to weather, it’s best to have your air conditioner looked at when the temperature is 75 degrees or above, which may mean late spring in your area. When getting your heating checked, the best temperature is 65 degrees or below.

If it’s been more than a year since your last maintenance, don’t delay and schedule an appointment today at Real Services in Salisbury, Maryland.