Common Causes of AC Airflow Problems

If you have airflow issues with your air conditioning system, you’ll notice lots of hot and cool spots around your house. Another indication is if room doors seem to shut harder than normal. Read on to learn more about the top five reasons behind airflow issues.

1. Clogged Condensing Unit

The condenser of your AC unit is responsible for getting rid of the warm air from your home. The entire system can overheat if air cannot flow consistently around it. Make sure that there is no debris in the way of the condenser unit. This will allow air to move freely into the AC unit.

2. Backed-Up Air Filters

You should replace your AC filters often because they can collect dust and dirt. When they accumulate too much dust airflow can become blocked.

3. Damaged Ductwork

In older homes, the ductwork is more susceptible to cracks and leaks as they deteriorate over time. Dust in the ducts can also block proper airflow in your home. Your ductwork may need to be professionally cleaned.

4. Broken Coils

The coils are part of the condensing unit in your AC system and can be hindered by debris. When the coils get blocked, they will be unable to efficiently filter out hot air.

5. Inefficient AC Unit Design

The age of your AC unit can make a big difference in whether it is efficiently cooling your home in summer. This is especially true if you have enlarged or changed the layout of your home since your AC unit was installed. Many older AC systems are now too large for the average modern home design and do not work efficiently.

Scheduling Top-Notch Air Conditioning Repair Services

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